A complete range of safe sanitising units using an organic HOCI disinfectant proven to kill 99.9999% of all known pathogens.

Shield your team & protect your business

This proven solution has the power to prevent and control infections wherever risk occurs. 

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Complete Sanitising Solutions


This small portable santiser is ideal for sanitising small areas and is powered using a constant USB connection.

This is the smallest offering in the SmartMister range using a constant USB power supply. It fits into a standard coffee cup holder, making it perfect for santising areas such as cars, taxis, hire cars and coaches and is great for desk use connected to a USB port.


Ideal for smaller offices and rooms.

This is the ideal solution for any small office, meeting room, reception area and will sanitise throughout a given area automatically to ensure an ongoing safe environment. Complete with re-chargeable batteries, this unit is portable and can be moved from location to location for wider sanitising.


Full size sanitising unit for larger spaces.

The SM-DT5300 SmartMister is the largest in the range and is the solution for those seeking to sanitise larger offices, care homes, schools, gyms, hospitality areas, retail units and food outlets.


Organic biocide HOCI disinfectant.

This proven organic HOCI disinfectant is formulated to be used in your workplace, office, retail, hospitality, leisure, catering and educational environments. Sanitising on contact with a 99.9999% efficiency against most pathogens including COVID-19 and winter flu. 


Kills 99.9999% of all known pathogens

SMARTMISTER is a range of very cost-effective ways to sanitise your office space, car or home with just the push of a button. Each device within the range emits an organic and safe sterilising mist which disinfects the air around you. 

The SMARTMISTER range offers a solution for everyone from within the personal space of your car to the office where you work. The SMARTMISTER SM-DT5300 is the ideal solution for larger spaces such as offices, schools, gyms, care homes, hospitality venues, retail and food outlets. 


Discover more about SMARTMISTER SM-DT5300 and any of the SMARTMISTER sanitising product range by clicking the button below. Please feel free to ask any questions or add a message in the form provided. 


Anyone can use

All SmartMister sanitizing solutions are simple to use, being operated manually, controlled via the app or set to come on automatically.

Cost effective solutions

One-time investment with small ongoing costs saves time and expensive sanitising bills from many forms of standard disinfecting solutions available. 

Proven Tested & Safe

SmartMister meets British, EU & International sanitary standards. It uses a non-toxic solution proven to kill 99.9999% of harmful germs & coronavirus. 

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